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The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) has been solving the nation’s toughest challenges for more than 90 years. Now, you can go behind the scenes as some of our nation’s smartest engineers and scientists solve complex problems across ERDC’s broad Civil Works and military mission space.


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#18: SandSnap

Knowing the size of sand grains on the nation’s beaches is important to many coastal management efforts. However, getting that information is labor intensive, and no nationwide database of sand grain size currently exists. To fill this void, ERDC has launched SandSnap, a collaborative...

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#17: Modernizing the B-52 Through Supercomputing

Since entering service in 1955, the B-52 Stratofortress has held strategic importance as the most combat capable bomber in the U.S. inventory. However, the newest B-52 dates to 1962, and it has become increasingly difficult to find parts to service its original engines. To...

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#16: Invasive Fisheries

Invasive carp species pose a significant threat to native fisheries, disrupting ecological balances, inflicting economic harm and hampering recreational activities. One effort to mitigate this threat is focused on blocking these fish from entering the Great Lakes, where they could significantly disrupt a $7-billion...

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#15: Joint Planning Services

It can take months or years for the Department of Defense to develop strategic and operational plans, with people, information and tools often scattered and stove-piped into silos. ERDC researchers have been working to develop a digital map-based environment for remote collaboration in near...

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#14: Airfield Damage Repair

Given the strategic importance of air power in military conflicts, airfields often become targets. With airfield expertise that dates to World War II, ERDC has a rich history of developing solutions to rapidly repair and sustain airfields. Today, ERDC develops material and equipment solutions,...

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#13: Permafrost Basic Research

Permafrost, or ground that has been frozen for at least two years, covers roughly a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere. And it is teeming with microbes, including many with unique characteristics that have allowed them to adapt to extremely low temperatures and survive for...

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The most complex challenges require multidisciplinary approaches and solutions, utilizing expertise across laboratories to address them. ERDC uses two enterprise approaches to manage and execute major programs: ERDC Research...

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About ERDC

The research and development arm of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ERDC, was established after the great Mississippi River flood of 1927 to conduct the research that would prevent a similar disaster from occurring in future floods. 

Today, ERDC is made up of seven research laboratories in four states, with areas of expertise that include blast and weapons effects; battlespace terrain mapping; cold regions science and engineering; civil and military engineering; computational prototyping for military platforms; coastal, river and environmental engineering; and military installations and infrastructure. Its vision is to be a world-class research and development organization that discovers, develops and delivers new ways to make the world safer and better every day.


ERDC is unique in that it can harness the expertise of multi-disciplinary teams across its labs to provide solutions for the Army, the Department of Defense, and the nation’s Civil Works challenges.

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