Given the strategic importance of air power in military conflicts, airfields often become targets. With airfield expertise that dates to World War II, ERDC has a rich history of developing solutions to rapidly repair and sustain airfields.

Today, ERDC develops material and equipment solutions, as well as construction procedures, to push current Airfield Damage Repair capabilities and adapt them to changing missions and aircraft. These efforts are directly helping the U.S. and its Allies establish and maintain air superiority, allowing the Warfighter to gain advantage and accomplish the mission.

On the latest episode of the Power of ERDC podcast, we talk with Jeb Tingle, a Senior Scientific Technical Manager at ERDC’s Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory and lead for ERDC’s Airfield Damage Repair program.

We discuss how ERDC came to be involved in airfields research and how those efforts have evolved through the years (3:20), why airfield damage repair is an important area of concern for the military (6:17), how the challenges have changed (16:11), how ERDC is uniquely situated to undertake this research that benefits all Services (22:03), civil works applications (28:58), and more.

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