It can take months or years for the Department of Defense to develop strategic and operational plans, with people, information and tools often scattered and stove-piped into silos.

ERDC researchers have been working to develop a digital map-based environment for remote collaboration in near real time, enabling faster and more complete military planning to support timely and better-informed command decisions. The Joint Planning Services (JPS) platform allows access to dozens of authoritative live data feeds, with integrated tools to process and analyze the data, and meaningful ways to visualize the results. It also enables seamless coordination across echelons, organizations and warfighting functions.

On the latest episode of the Power of ERDC podcast, we talk with JPS program manager Reggie Hammond from ERDC’s Geospatial Research Laboratory in Alexandria, Virginia.

We discuss how JPS is revolutionizing military planning (2:38), why ERDC is developing this capability (5:08 & 15:11), what is unique about the JPS platform (16:43), how the Joint Forces can benefit from JPS (24:14), how the technology can be used on the civil works side (27:06), and more.

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