#24: Providing Supercomputing Resources to Enable DOD Problem Solving

We talk with Dr. Ben Parsons, chief technology officer with the High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP), about how the program enables the Department of Defense (DOD) to solve its most critical mission challenges.

Managed by ERDC, the HPCMP delivers world-class high-performance computing and expertise to DOD engineers and scientists. Its five DOD Supercomputing Resource Centers are spread throughout the country and deliver 7.8 billion processor hours of computing power each year to support some of the world’s largest computational projects. The program provides the DOD research and acquisition communities access to insight that would otherwise be too costly, dangerous, or time intensive to obtain through observation and experiment alone.

We talk with Ben about why supercomputing is important to the DOD research community (4:14), ERDC’s role in the HPCMP (6:18), and how much combined computing power the program provides to DOD researchers (8:43). We also discuss specific projects that have been enabled by the HPCMP (13:44, 16:30), how it improves DOD acquisition efforts (15:25), how the team ensures the program remains on the cutting edge as computer technology continuously evolves (13:03) and what lies ahead on the HPCMP’s horizon (22:25).

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