#22: Using Augmented and Virtual Reality to Enable Next-Generation Engineering

We talk with Jeremy Herring and Kelly Ervin from ERDC’s Information Technology Laboratory about how ERDC is enabling next-generation engineering by applying augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities.

These disruptive technologies can help solve a diverse range of current and future problems by immersing users in virtual scenes. As uses continue to grow, ERDC established the Dynamic Immersive Virtual Environment laboratory in December 2019 to study how to best apply augmented and virtual reality to help the Department of Defense, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies.

Their research is producing tools that allow users to clearly visualize problems and proposed solutions, enabling more informed decisions. It will result in better facility and infrastructure planning, improved communication, enhanced construction practices, more robust training opportunities and more.

We discuss with Jeremy and Kelly how ERDC’s augmented and virtual reality effort got started (17:48), the transformative benefits offered by these technologies (7:51), and how they can change the way we communicate (15:36). We also talk about ERDC’s unique capabilities (28:05) and past efforts in this space (19:18), how this research can help the military (33:12) and what lies ahead on the cutting edge (38:55).

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